Monday, September 19, 2016

Tips & Tricks: How I Use Micellar Waters

Instead of reviews all the time, I figured I would add in a few quickie blog posts here and there about tips and tricks I've found useful over the years. Today's topic: micellar waters. If you're not familiar with them, they're basically gentle cleansers made of water with microspheres of oils floating in it and other nice things that work in tandem to cleanse your face. 

In my experience, if you use them as they are often marketed, as a way to remove your makeup and replace a normal cleanser, most of them will get the job done. Eventually. After about 3-10 cotton pads, depending on how much makeup you've got spackled onto your face. It's such a huge waste of product and cotton, I can't even. Especially since my favorite micellar waters are in the $15-30 price range. I refuse to use them for regular makeup removal. Instead, I've figured out a couple other ways to incorporate them into my routine, because they are wonderful for my super dry skin. 

My favorite way to use micellar waters is as a second cleanse/toner replacement. I take off my mascara with a waterproof eye makeup remover, wash my face with my normal cleanser, and then use 1 cotton pad with micellar water to remove any extra makeup or cleanser I missed the first go-around. I still haven't found a toner that does as much for my skin as micellar water does. For me, micellar water works perfectly as a gentle hydrating step to prime my skin for the rest of my nightly skincare routine. Some of them are packed with great ingredients and it seems a pity to swipe all that away with a cotton pad full of toner. 

Sometimes, I will use one of those pre-package facial cleansing cloths at night when I'm on vacation to places where the tap water is sketchy or when I'm too exhausted after work to go through the whole normal face washing thing. Micellar waters are awesome at removing cleansing cloth residue. I know most cleansing cloths are all like, "you can use me without washing your face after!" but that squicks me out and has clogged my skin in the past, so I'm all about micellar waters after using them. Better safe than sorry. 

Last but not least, I also use micellar waters is as my morning cleanse to get last night's skincare routine off and prep my skin for the morning. That part of the marketing is true for me; they can replace my morning cleansers, no problem. But ONLY morning or makeup free days. Never when I'm wearing makeup. 

My current favorite pricier micellar waters

La Roche-Posay Micellar Water for Sensitive Skin, $13-20 (they have different sizes)

My favorite drugstore micellar water

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