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Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss Review and Swatches

Anastasia Lip Gloss Petal

I was excited when Anastasia Beverly Hills released their new lip gloss collection a few months ago. While I wasn't impressed with the ABH liquid lipsticks I tried and the powder contour palette was just decent and not mindblowing, I can't resist that brand. 

Unlike the lipsticks, when the lip glosses were released, it seemed like ABH wasn't really pushing them. I didn't see a buttload of rave reviews all over youtube or countless beauty bloggers going apeshit with swatches, and by that, I mean there wasn't an internet saturation campaign going on where all Norvina's approved devotees got freebies. At the time, I wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Did it mean that ABH wasn't particularly proud of this product? Were they not promoting it like crazy because it was cheaper ($16) than most of their other stuff? Or did they think that the product was so solid that it didn't need all the extra effort? 
Well, friends, I'm happy to tell you it was the latter. These lip glosses are fucking perfect if you're looking for a full-coverage gloss that wears like a lipstick. Every rave you can find about these glosses is legit. They. Are. Gorgeous. And everything I want a lip gloss to be. They're super comfortable - the formula is smooth without any stickiness and it never dries out my lips. They're long wearing - I can and have applied these glosses and still had color and hydration at the end of the workday, especially the darker colors. They're scent-allergy safe - the scent is subtle and amazing, like vanilla frosting, but only lasts for a minute or two. After that, the gloss is scentless and basically flavorless. They're easy to apply - the wand applicator is well-shaped and the formula is a perfect spreading consistency. No lip liner needed. 

All in all, I think ABH has covered every base you could possible cover for a lip gloss. Not only that, but the color selection is incredible. You get everything from nudes to neons to dark purple in cool, warm, and neutral tones. If you have lips, there is a color in there that will suit your complexion. You don't want a creamy, opaque lipstick-like gloss? Try the lighter glitter shades, which are more sheer and I think meant to be layered over lipsticks or layered on their own for opacity (2 coats do it for me). If you're interested, here's Norvina swatching them and talking about the colors: 

I already own a ton of lip gloss, so I was originally planning to buy only 3: Vintage, Neon Carnival, and Petal. Yeah, I couldn't stop there after I tried them. I now have Date Night, Metallic Rose, and Candy. And I want MOAAR! They're like lip gloss Pokemon to me and I NEED to have them all. Or at least, all the ones that'll work with my coloring. I don't even look at my other lip glosses anymore, the ABH glosses are that great. I cleaned out my purse of all my old faves and replaced them with these, no lie. Here, have some swatches: 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss Review and Swatches
No Flash, Left to right: Date Night, Petal, Neon Carnival, Candy,
Metallic Rose, Vintage

 Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss Review and Swatches
Flash, Left to Right: Date Night, Petal, Neon Carnival, Candy,
Metallic Rose, Vintage

Some color notes: Petal is more pink than in these pics, Candy looks exactly like the non-flash pic, and the glitters look more sheer in person. I think the one I wear least is Candy, because it's a bit light for my tastes now that I have a tan, but it was very lovely when I was pale from winter. Also, I love layering Metallic Rose over Vintage. 

Long story short, the ABH lip glosses are amazing, are better than every lip gloss I've tried, and are well worth the money. 

Rated Beauty Grade: A+

Price: $16 at Macys

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