Friday, April 24, 2015

Review: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso and Patina

Product: Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick

Review: These are pretty much my staple liquid lipsticks right now. Beso is a gorgeous red. I think it's neutral? but it might lean more towards warm. Definitely not a blue-based red, that's for sure. Patina is a neutral dusty mauve that is my go-to neutral lipstick when I want something long-lasting and am rocking a smokier eye. Which is most of the time, let's be real.

What I love most about these lipsticks is that they go on creamy and opaque. I never feel the need for a second coat, and I can get them to look great with minimal fuss. They're so easy to apply, I rarely use lip liner or concealer for cleanup. I also love that the formula dries matte but doesn't settle into lines. However, because of this, I usually prefer to smile a bit and use a finger to smooth the product and get it into the major creases in my lips. Using this technique prevents me from applying extra product I don't need. Layer on too much, and it starts feeling tacky, which irritates me.

Stila Beso Patina Review
Patina on top, Beso on bottom. 1 layer. Yay, opacity!
Wear time on these is great. If I'm careful, I get around 8 hours of solid wear time as long as I don't eat a ton and avoid greasy foods. Greasy foods are the devil when it comes to this lipstick! Have part of a damn eggroll and it starts flaking off. However, they tend to stain enough that it doesn't look horrible before I'm able to touch up.

Funny story.  I was chatting with my boyfriend and absentmindedly put on lotion, totally forgetting I had swatched my hand. Look, Ma! No smudging!!! I'm so impressed right now.

Stila Liquid Lipstick Beso Petina Review
After vigorous hand lotion application
Anyway, Stila's got a good, solid liquid lipstick in my opinion, but I think there's still room for some improvement. They've got some moisturizing ingredients in there like vitamin E and avocado oil, but after about 4 hours, they start to dry out my lips. They also get tacky if you apply too much; it's almost like they don't dry all the way, so one layer and done is the way to go. Then there's the whole wears-off-while-eating thing, but I still haven't found a liquid lipstick that lets me nom with impunity, so I can't bitch toooo much. And lastly, I wish they had a better color selection. They've got some nice colors, but they could really do with expanding their range.

In case you're wondering, I like these soooooooo much better than the Anastasia Liquid Lips colors I've tried. However, Christine at Temptalia had a good experience with Anastasia's American Doll, so that one might be worth a shot?

Rated Beauty Grade: B

Price: $22 at Sephora, Nordstrom, Ulta,

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