Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Review: Blackbox Cosmetics Sea-Mask

Blackbox Sea Mask Review

ProductBlackbox Cosmetics Sea-Mask

Review: I've been on a mask kick this year, and I've felt very MEH about a lot of them. The problem with masks for me is that they usually promise the moon and the stars, but all you get is a muddy/masky face, some tingling, and extensive post-mask face scrubbing. Yes, mask makers. Of course my skin is softer now than it was before. I just scrubbed the ever-loving shit out of it with a washcloth trying to get the damn mask off...

Anyway, I was expecting to be underwhelmed by Blackbox Cosmetic's Sea-Mask (why is there a goddamn hyphen in the name? GAH! It irks me!), but it's actually pretty fun to use. It has a very light, herbal scent to it that I don't find offensive, and I need less than expected to cover my whole face. You leave it on the standard 15-20 minutes, and in that time, it really tightens up. It tightens up so much that you can feel your heartbeat in your face, which I find entertaining. I like to think that it's really getting some circulation up in there.

Blackbox Sea-Mask Review
It dramatically tightens before you wash it off... 
Because of the tightening effect, when you go to the bathroom to wash it off, it's hilarious. I now know what I would look like with an awkward face lift... Or if I was born 100% white. My eyes are so wide and surprised! Fortunately, the initial tight look isn't permanent; it dissolves easily in warm water, so it's not a pain in the ass to remove, and your skin is left soft and healthy-looking. For me, I notice that the fine lines in my forehead aren't as noticeable after, so I think the odd tightening/suction sensation encourages more blood flow and plumps up the skin as a result.

Blackbox Sea-Mask Review
This is after 5 uses. Still have about half left.

As for the manufacturer claims, I'm not 100% sold,though I do find this mask to be more effective than others I've tried. Here's what Blackbox says about its product:

"Dramatically tighten facial skin and reduce pore size, immediately! Sea-Mask is our latest addition to the BlackBox Cosmetics' Restoration product line. Like all of our products, it is the most advanced facial product in its category. It contains three(3) forms of special sea algae harvested from pristine waters. These algaes are known for their ability to remove and eliminate toxins and bacteria. Sea-Mask contains super fruits, vitamins, aloe, the finest calcium-bentonite clay, and other special compounds. This wonderful combination will not only tighten, but leave your skin feeling incredibly soft. The effects last for days, so it is a wonderful way to give yourself a mini face lift. Unlike many face masques that are difficult to remove, Sea-Mask was developed for easy removal. Your skin will absolutely love this product!"

I don't agree that it will give you a mini face lift after you wash it off. Make your skin look a bit plumper, sure. But a face lift effect that lasts for days? Nah. And the jar claims that it reduces pore size. It totally doesn't do that for me at all. Maybe I'd see a difference if my pores were larger? Either way, it's no miracle product, although I do think it's got great ingredients, and it seems to actually improve the health of my skin without sucking every last bit of moisture out of it, which is more than I can say for a lot of masks out there. It also makes an AMAZING spot treatment for pimples. Dab it on your pimples, leave it on overnight, and then wash your face in the morning. Your pimples will either be mostly gone or really reduced in size and redness. Or at least, that's how it works for me.

While I hate that it's in a jar container and not a tube, I'll probably buy it again unless I find a mask I like more in the same price point. Feel free to give me suggestions!

Rated Beauty Grade: B

Price: $18.95 - Blackbox Cosmetics, $15.16 ISA

Refill Price: $14.95 - Blackbox Cosmetics, $11.96 ISA

Note/Disclaimer: Blackbox has it set up so you can't buy anything without an ISA number. If you want, you can use mine ( TD1206) or google around for an ISA in your area. Please know that I'm an ISA so that I can try out Blackbox products less expensively, and I'm not and never will try to sell you anything. Just a heads up though, if you want to go the ISA route for the same reason I did or sell it in general, April is the month to do it! Starting in May, Blackbox is raising the enrollment fee to $99 instead of $45 due to needing more manpower to handle taxes on internet sales. :(


  1. I totally would buy it just because of how pretty it looks lol. Then you mention the heart beat in the face and i just want to feel it lol.

    1. It's such a cool sensation! I haven't found a single mask that feels like it. :D