Sunday, March 1, 2015

Skincare Review: Dr. Brandt Needles No More

wrinkle relaxing cream

Product: Dr. Brandt Needles No More

Review: I got a jumbo sample of this for my last Sephora order. It claims to be a "revolutionary topical cream that mimics anti-wrinkle treatments to visibly relax and smooth the look of expression lines and wrinkles. The formula encourages a superficial tightening action, preventing contraction and providing quick relaxation. The wrinkle relaxers also help to further relax over time, creating the appearance of smoother skin."

Sounds magical right? Not so much. This product did NOTHING for my forehead and eyebrow lines. Nothing! And I used this crap for 2 weeks. There is absolutely nothing interesting about this product other than the claims. Not the feel, fragrance, and certainly not the effects, because there aren't any. At least for me. This is hands down one of, if not THE most gimmicky skincare products I've ever tried. A good primer does a better job at hiding the lines than this bullshit goop. It doesn't even moisturize! I guess the only possible nice thing I can say about it is that the packaging on the full-size Needles No More looks decent. That's the best I can do, because a mild exfoliation treatment and a great moisturizer does more for me than this product ever will. I can't believe there are positive reviews for it. Either it's the placebo effect or they're really, really lucky.

If you're still interested and have tons of money to burn on an $89 gimmick, I strongly recommend getting a sample first to test whether or not you're one of those extra special snowflakes this product actually works on.

Rated Beauty Grade: F

Price: $89 at Sephora

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