Wednesday, March 4, 2015

First Impressions: Blackbox Cosmetics Restoration Skin Kit

I stumbled across an Independent Sales Associate's ad for Blackbox Cosmetics around 3 years ago on Craiglist while job hunting. It's yet another MLM sales company that primarily relies on ISAs to survive, like Jamberry, Younique, Pure Romance, etc. It was so new at the time that I couldn't find anything on the company or the founder, so I passed, even though I was interested in their products -- I love that their skincare line is aloe-based and the ingredients sound top notch.

I've kept tabs on them throughout the years, because I'm always looking for new things to try. I was fascinated by this company -  such great sounding products, almost no publicity, and they somehow never went bankrupt like I was expecting. When I would search for them, I could only find raves from a few ISAs hungry for sales and 1 or 2 other bloggers who had tried samples but not the full-sized products. It wasn't much to go on, so a couple months ago, I decided to look for samples and found an ISA who was mailing them out. She sent me little packets of the Infusion AM and Little Secret Weapon serums. I was surprised at their quality. While I'd looked at the ingredients, I wasn't expecting them to be as great as they were, and my skin loved them. I was originally going review the samples like the other girls, but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to try out the whole Restoration Skin Kit.

My skin has been a bitch this winter. My rosacea has been awful, I've had tons of breakouts, and nothing seems to make it happy. I think it's finally had enough of my skincare sample experimentation, so I decided I needed a set of skincare products meant to work in harmony, instead of slathering a hodgepodge of various things on my face and calling it good. My face used to be cool with mixing it up, but no more! I want it to behave again, so I thought about buying sets from other high-priced brands I've had decent luck with. However, I kept coming back to Blackbox because of the price, ingredients, and relative obscurity. I figured if I signed up as an ISA (it's a 1 time fee for life, no renewal fees), I'd get the whole restoration kit and if I loved it, I'd be able to buy refills and everything else on their site at wholesale cost. So much cheaper than buying 5 full-sized Clarins products, you know?

One thing that's interesting about Blackbox Cosmetics is that it's impossible to buy anything from them without finding an ISA and using one of their replicated shopping carts. A lot of MLM companies let you buy from the main site without finding an ISA to give commissions to. Not Blackbox. If you don't have an ISA, you have to search for one before you can buy. This is great, because that means there are no lost commissions, but it's a little annoying for the customer. It was easy for me,  I just used the cart of the lady I got samples from, signed up as an ISA, and got the Restoration Kit. The total cost with shipping and ISA enrollment fees was $165. I think 7 quality products for around $24 is a great deal, considering my other favorite moisturizers are around $40-50 and don't come to me in light and air-free packaging.

I have to say, I am super impressed with their shipping process. I placed my order on 2/24 at around 6pm, it shipped out that night, and I got it on 2/26. So speedy! And all my products came in a literal black box. Now we know where the name comes from... Freaking love the box, btw. I keep it in my bathroom stuff my smaller palettes into it. But I digress... as a new "ISA," I got my new toys and a folder with some brochures about the products (which I don't care about because I don't plan on going forth and selling), as well as a free full-size Vudu Ice Lip, which is one of their lip plumping products. I already have full lips, but what the hell, I'll try it. For science!

Blackbox ISA opportunity
Black box w/brochures and stuffs

Blackbox ISA opportunity
All the shiny new things

Since there is very little info on these products and it's such a pain in the ass to find a non-sales pitch review, I'll spend some of this month doing in-depth reviews of all 8 products I got. I'll even take pics for y'all, and I hate doing that, because the lighting in my house sucks balls. Oh! I also plan on doing before and after pics at the end of this month so we can see if my skin has any obvious improvement. But suffice it to say that I am enjoying the system so far! I can't believe it, but there isn't a single product I hate. Out of 8, I was expecting at least 2-3 duds, but I've had a good experience with all of them. It's been almost a week, and I have no new pimples, the small amount of milia under my eyes is all but gone, and my pores are noticeably smaller. My top picks are the Infusion AM (great ingredients, very moisturizing), Defiance PM (same, but I like the smell more), 6 Minute Miracle (best microdermabrasion product I've ever tried), and Sea Mask (the most effective mask I've tried in years).

There are a couple things I dislike that have nothing to do with the products (those are solid). The first is that Blackbox Cosmetics has a serious lack of training resources for their ISAs. If you're looking to make money on the side, I would suggest only choosing Blackbox if you have marketing, sales, and MLM experience under your belt, as well as a hardcore entrepreneurial spirit because they give you very, very little to work with. You don't even get a real personal website to work with, just a replication of the original shopping site. The second thing I dislike is their branding and website. I have a lot of designer friends and work for a marketing company, and I find their branding unsophisticated (bad color combos, font choices, etc) and not in-line with the quality of their product or standards. Their branding screams "amateur hour" to me when their product is in line with Fresh, Korres, Origins, Ole Henriksen, etc. I feel like this company is focused on product quality and innovation, which is great, but marketing and sales is an afterthought. Not great for the ISAs.

In closing, before I embark on my month of occasional Blackbox writeups, please know that while I'm technically an ISA now, I'm only one so that I can buy their products at wholesale to appease my own curiosity and turn out some legit reviews on them. Would I be super happy if some of you used my cart to try out some products for yourself? Of course! Who doesn't love extra funds? But I won't be hurt if you find someone else to buy from or are like, "Fuck that company, *insert favorite brand here* 4 Life!" I'm not doing this to make a sale, and I hate it when people in MLMs shove their products down my throat, so I will never do that on this blog. :)

If you want to read more about the products and company, here's my replicated site or their official site. Or search around for an ISA in your area!


  1. Great read! Good job! I'm also an independent rep. Agree with all you said but ESPECIALLY the branding. SO amateur hour-ish compared to the top quality product. I would love to chat with you and see if we could come up with ideas we could apply and share together and try to make changes we could both use. A good landing website could help. Great photos. Something MUCH less wordy in places and then if the reader wants more info they can access it with a click...but start off more streamlined. Call me! 972 841 8575 Lauri

  2. Do you offer some samples? I didn't see that on your page. Thanks! Clair

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  4. You have convinced me! How do I get started? Thank you!