Saturday, January 31, 2015

Makeup Review: ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick

ProductModelCo Party Proof Lipstick

Review: I have a ton of lipsticks - from MUFE to Lancome to Revlon - and I would say that ModelCo's Party Proof Lipstick is hands down the most comfortable lipstick I own. I have them in Disco Fever and Kitty. Disco Fever is kind of a lighter, orangey-peach shade and Kitty is a wonderful nude pink that is my perfect "my lips but better" color. I wear Kitty all the time, and I am tempted to stock up on it just in case ModelCo decides to do away with it. Sadly, these colors are kinda hard to find individually, but I'm sure any of the colors you can find elsewhere are just as great. You can find Kitty on its own on the ModelCo website and I think the Disco Fever is the orange in this trio but I'm not totally sure.

The best reason to buy these lipsticks? They are so goddamn comfortable. It's like wearing a luxurious, creamy lipbalm all day. So, so comfy. Every time I apply them, I just can't get over how much I love wearing them. I'm always like, "What is this wizardry?" because I don't have to put balms on underneath, don't experience any traveling or feathering. I can just swipe them on, blot, and go, which is so rare for me! Definitely 2 of the most low-maintenance lipsticks in my kit, and they are perfect for "recovery days" after I've dried out my lips with other lipsticks that aren't as moisturizing. In fact, I think they are more comfy than a lot of my lipbalms.

They are also surprisingly long wearing and have great pigmentation. I can go around 4-6 hours of heavy water drinking with Kitty before I feel like touching up. Same goes with Disco Fever, although I will touch up a bit more often if I want to keep the color looking "loud." Otherwise, I just let it do its thing and it fades and stains to a lovely peachy shade that looks amazing on me. Also, they have a great finish. Without blotting, it's pretty opaque with a nice sheen. After blotting, it's more of a semi-matte on me, which I love. OH! And it smells nice. Kinda fruity, but it's faint and nothing gross.

There are a few downsides that might be deal breakers for some people. You really have to exfoliate your lips before using these. Otherwise, the application will be patchy and every little bit of dry skin will be highlighted. Blotting makes it much less noticeable, but if you have lips with a rougher texture or tons of lines, you might hate how this applies for you. Also, there's transference, but I think that's to be expected with any cream lipstick. It's not more or less than any others in my stash, and while it transfers, plenty of color remains. Lastly, it's formulated with mineral oil so if you're sensitive, run awaaaay!

So yeah, don't get them if you hate exfoliating your lips, because all those imperfections will show. Don't get them if you're allergic to mineral oil. Otherwise, if super comfortable cream lipsticks are your jam, you will LOVE these as much as I do.

Rated Beauty Grade: A

Price: $18 at Urban Outfitters, $17ish at ModelCo. I got my colors from Birchbox

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