Thursday, March 28, 2013

Review: Ojon Volume Advance Thickening Spray

The Product: Ojon Volume Advance Thickening Spray

The Review: I like to have awesome bombshell hair. The whole stick-straight hair thing is not at all flattering for my roundish face, nor is it as fun as having  wavy, volumized sex hair of awesome. To illustrate:

Noooooo, I no likey. Also, at first glance, I thought this was Mila Kunis. 
This is Mila Kunis, who also loves her some flat irons. 
This is more my flavor:

Anyway, I got this product because most reviews of it were all like, "OMG! My super fine hair is so volumized now!" Sorry to say, with my hair, this was not the case. I usually use a volumizing mousse and blowdry my hair upside down to get my hair looking awesome, so I was really bummed out when this product couldn't even match up to my cheap-ass TRESsemme. What the hell, Ojon? Not only did it give me almost no volume, but by the end of the day my hair was flatter than when I blowdry it without product, and it looked like I had never showered in the first place. Greasy roots are gross. I guess I should have expected this from the weird, tacky texture of the spray, but I was hoping that it would be different when my hair was actually dry. Basically, this is what I get when I'm all like, "Eff you drugstore deals, I'ma try this fancy hair stuff instead!"

Um.... to say something positive... it doesn't smell gross and the packaging is visually appealing. And it didn't seem to damage my hair at all.

Long story short, save your money. There are PLENTY of cheaper products that will give you a ton of volume and not piss you off. You could actually buy like 3-5 of them for the same price.

Grade: C-
Price: $24
Where to buy: Birchbox

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