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Review: Lorac TANtalizer Highlighter & Matte Bronzer Duo

highlighter and matte bronzer duo

ProductLorac TANtalizer Highlighter & Matte Bronzer Duo

Review: I've been looking for a great contouring bronzer for a while. I have a medium skintone, and I find that a lot of bronzers are just too light to be great for contouring on me. When I saw this compact came in a limited edition travel-size, I snatched it up right away, because the product description makes it sound like it's specifically for contouring and highlighting and I'm cheap. All I can say is thank god I didn't go and buy the $32 full-size version, because I would have been really annoyed.

First, the good. I like the bronzer well enough. It's still not quite as dark as I was looking for, but it's close and I can get the effect I want on my cheekbones by building up the color. For those of you who think I'm crazy, here is a diagram that is pretty close to what I follow:

bronzer and highlighter for contouring

I contour and blend like a mofo before applying my foundation, so it's all very subtle and whatnot. As much as I HATE Kim Kardashian, this is a great before and after:

how to contour

I might someday get to the point where I cave and use a dark concealer/foundation to get the contouring I want, but I just like powders so much more. Sigh. Anyway, back to this product thingy and me liking the bronzer. It's a good little bronzer. Matte, decent pigmentation, pretty decent texture, and not orangey. Soooo glad it's not orangey or sparkly, you have no idea. It's weirdly hard to find, and I totally plan on using this in the summer when I want to look more sun-kissed (I wear tons of SPF on my face, so it doesn't tan, really). Oh, and I also love the compact. It's gold, shiny, and super cute.

Now for the stuff I don't like. For the bronzer, the only thing that really bugs me is that the staying power isn't amazing and it's not as dark as I would like a contouring bronzer to be (but I understand if I'm in the minority in this, due to my contouring preferences). For the highlighter, I really can't think of anything positive to say. Where to start? First off, it's a weird beigey pink color, which is NOT what you want a highlighter to be. You want it to be more of a neutral vanilla shade, like theBalm's Mary Lou-manizer that I loved so much. This is more like an awkward extremely pale blush than it is a highlighter. You should be able to use highlighter all over your face, but the pink undertones look weird under the brows and pretty much everywhere except your cheeks. Also,  the overall product is horrible.

I have tried tons of blushes and highlighters, and this is, by far, the worst because the product will not stick to my skin. Like, at all. I tried it with and without different primers, different brushes, and no luck. I could see it falling off my brushes all over the place, but almost none would get deposited on my face. The stuff that was left, you could barely see and it would just wipe off. It's like one of those horribly crappy powders you get in a makeup-for-kids set. Actually, those might be better, now that I think of it. I thought the Bella Bomba blush was a little powdery. This stuff makes it look like NARS in comparison. I read some reviews that were like, "Oh I love it, it's so subtle!" Yeah? It's subtle because you can barely get any to stick to your face! For a $32 price tag, you should be getting a finely-milled, highly pigmented powder that you only need a little bit of to get the effect you want. This? This is just ridiculous. I have $3 crappy eyeshadow that works better as a highlighter than this stuff. As for reviews where people liked it, I can only think that they have little-to-no experience with real highlighting products, which is a pity, because a good highlighter should be one of the most versatile products in your makeup arsenal.

Verdict? Save your money and buy something better. I regret even paying $12 for the travel size and will probably return it, just because the highlighter makes me angsty and I don't want to own something that crappy.

Grade: B for the bronzer half, F for the highlighter. So... D+?

Price: $32, regular. $12 travel-size.

Where to buy: Ulta, Nordstrom,

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