Thursday, March 21, 2013

Perfume Rant

Prepare for an extensive rant on perfumes. 

Perfume has recently become my new obsession. It might actually be eclipsing my makeup obsession at the moment, I kid you not. The reason for this is that I'm on the hunt for a new "signature" fragrance that I can wear daily as I feel my other ones no longer fit me. I want something that my boyfriend likes as well and that doesn't make my scent allergies act up. Easier said than done, my friends!

My boy is very... uncaring when it comes to perfume. He just doesn't like anything. Everything is "Eh, it's ok" to him. When I try something new, I have learned to ask, "Does it repel you?" because anything else gets a "meh." All I really, really want to find something that the boy smells on me and says, "Damn honey, you smell good!" The only goddamn perfume that has ever, ever happened with was Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck. I was testing out a sample I got, and he sniffed me when I got home and said, "You smell nice." Only time he's ever complimented me on how I smell! Ever! UGH!! NO. I already have the shame of living with a liking for Britney Spears' Curious. I refuse to be stuck with another celebriscent, so help me. So, the seemingly neverending quest to find a new perfume continues... 

My criteria thus far: 
-The perfume needs to have gourmand notes, because those tend to keep the scent-related migraines at bay for whatever reason. Fruit, vanilla, chocolate, cupcakes... all are fine by me. 
-The manfriend must smell me and say "you smell nice." He's done it once, he can do it again! 
-I need to like the perfume enough to enjoy smelling it on myself all day long. 

Side note: Be amazed that I didn't link almost everything to Sephora like I usually do when I'm lazy (which is all the time). Perfume is way cheaper on Amazon, so when the price difference was significant, I linked to those instead. Savin you monies. You are welcome. 

I currently own: Burberry Classic (impulse buy I never wear, but like spraying it in the air sometimes), Marc Jacobs Lola (I like it), Stella McCartney Stella (it's like sexy roses, and I love me some roses), Victoria's Secret Sexy Little Things Noir (used to wear this scent all the time. Now it reminds me of my pre-committed-relationship phase where I partied all the time and spent most of it hungover) and Escada Moon Sparkle (dumbest scent name ever, but it smells like passionfruit to me and I LOVE passionfruit. It just doesn't work as nicely with my body chemistry as I'd like it to. It's also discontinued.), Britney Spears Curious (I hate myself for owning this, but it smells good on me) and Fresh Brown Sugar (sugary lemony goodness). 

I have recently tried and liked/loved: 
-Chloe Chloe. Fruity delicious roses. I love this perfume soooo much, but my friend and former roommate owns it, so I don't want us to smell like twinsies. I think it's so fresh and pretty and elegant. And the boyfriend smelled me and went "meh." 
-D&G L'Imperatrice. Fresh, orangey, happiness. God, I want this perfume the most. It's so light and perfect for summer or winter when I'm wishing it was summer. It reminds me of mimosas. Again, no boyfriend response. But I don't care and might buy it anyway for myself. He can learn to like it. 
-Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck. I did think it smelled nice, but almost too sweet. Kinda like flowery cookies. Since it's the only smell the boy has positively responded to, I might get a rollerball. Hell no on that tacky perfume bottle. 
-Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy La Fleur. I just adored this one, because it wasn't as heavy Viva La Juicy. Sadly, the staying power is lacking and it got the boyfriend "meh" response. 
-Lavanila Pure Vanilla. Just got a sample of this yesterday and am currently wearing it at work. Doesn't actually smell like real vanilla, more like creme brulee, but it's warm and I think I like it. Boyfriend approval pending. 
-Tokyomilk Tainted Love. This is like a sexier, more refined version of Sexy Little Things Noir. I think it's my favorite "darker" scent so far. Vanilla bean, tonka bean, white tea, citrus... all things I love. I have the hand lotion on right now.  Boyfriend approval also pending on this one. I'm going to wear it to work tomorrow, so we shall see! I hope he likes it, cause it's cheap. $36!

And then there have been some that I hated: 
-Stella McCartney L.I.L.Y. Probably the most old-ladyish scent I've tried so far. I couldn't even wear it. The boyfriend was like, "Gross, grandma." 
-Tocca Beauty Cleopatra. The lady in the store swore up and down that I would love this one. And for the first 10 minutes or so, I liked it. But after an hour, the patchouli stuck out waaaay too much on me. I don't want to smell like an old hippie commune, thanks. Especially at work. 
-Especially Escada. I love rose scents, but this one smells a little too chemical and like stale roses to me. Blergh.
-Paco Rabanne Lady Million. This one dried down and started to smell like grape koolaid on me. Not a good thing. 
-Issey Miyake L'Eau d'Issey. I swear, everyone and their grandma loves this scent and I might be the only person who hates it. But I hate it. And I can smell it from 10 feet away when a person is wearing it. Something about it just grosses me out!

Amazon buying tips: be careful about buying from 3rd party sellers. I didn't have time to go through and check out the seller reviews, so definitely do that when it comes to perfumes. You don't want a diluted tester.  

And that is the end of my perfume rant. Until next time. Feel free to leave me perfume suggestions in the comments, especially if you are a dude cause we all know my man has no opinion unless it pertains to Taylor Swift (and I will be shocked a guy actually came across this blog). More makeup reviews to come! Probably tomorrow. 

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