Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Double Cleansing Method

Have any of you heard of the double cleansing method? Basically, you wash your face with an oil (I use jojoba, but you could also use argan, maracuja, coconut, olive, etc. if you wanted) and then wash it again with a gentle cleanser (I use whatever cleanser sample I'm going through that month. Right now, it's this stuff.)  and follow it up with moisturizer or your normal skincare regimen. I've been doing it  for about a month and holy. balls. It really made a difference and I will never, ever go back to just oil or just face wash. I shit you not.

I've never had super soft facial skin. It's only moderately soft. The only time my face feels insanely soft to me is after a facial, and I can't afford those very often. Part of it is I have a tiny bit of barely noticeable keratosis pilaris on my cheeks. Thanks to this cheap-ass face washing method, the pesky slight KP that NOTHING has touched in 26 years is almost completely gone. Suffice it to say, my cats are jealous because I pet my face more than I pet them.

Keep in mind that I always use a washcloth for gentle exfoliation purposes when I wash my face. And because I hate the feeling of splashing water into my face. Yes, I know I'm weird, shut up.

Man, I want to know if I can figure out a way to make this work for the rest of my KP, because I have been trying to get rid of it on my arms forever and a half. I'm so sick of everyone asking me, "Are you cold?" in the dead of summer, making me feel like I have to say yes or say no and look puzzled because it's so much easier than saying, "No, sorry. That's just my weird non-contagious skin disorder! Teehee!"

My thought is to create a sugar and oil scrub.Scrub the ever loving hell out of my body. Then use bath gloves and scrub again with regular soap. Then moisturize. Think that'll work? I'ma try and let you know. 


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    1. I used Trader Joe's. Although I do sometimes purchase it from Mountain Rose Herbs.