Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. At first, I got really busy at work with my new job duties. Things seem to have calmed down a bit this week, but I'm pretty stressed out and just not in the mood to post about makeup. Which is weird, because you all know I LOVE makeup. I think a big part of it is that I just haven't found any products of late that have really wowed me. Everything I've tried in the last couple weeks have been varying shades of mediocre, and it's really boring to write about lots of products that are just... OK.

I'm still going to review them. I just need a little bit of a break from it though, because my day job is mediocre enough as it is. Blogging, to me, is something that is fun that I use to escape the mediocrity of office life. When it stops being fun, I need something else to do to entertain me when I'm bored off my ass. When I'm bored at work, my only option other than reading random shiz online is to write, so I've started a new blog where I am free to write about whatever want, whenever I want. And you are all free to check out my rantings (some funny, some serious, lots of f-bombs. Because I swear like a sailor in real life when I'm not being a polite receptionist/customer service monkey. Just a warning, in case your eyeballs are easily offended).

I will, of course, still be ranting/raving about makeup on this blog, though. I just need another week or so vacation to get my enthusiasm back up. After that, I will have lots of reviews for Tarte, Benefit, Buxom, Smashbox, NARS, and other random stuffs for your perusal. Starting next week-ish, I think. 


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    1. Thank you so much!!! Reading that completely made my day. :)