Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cosmetics Review: Too Faced Glamour Gloss

The ProductToo Faced Glamour Gloss

The Review: This gloss is pretty interesting. It's moisturizing, long-lasting, and leaves you with a pleasant cooling sensation that lasts a surprisingly long time. I guess that's because it's supposed to plump your lips and what-not. Anyway, I currently own it in "Flirt." Basically, it's a slightly darker neutral nude with more pink. I got it because it's really close to my natural lip color and looks good with pretty much everything else I stick on my face. Aw, yeah. Totally wearing it right now.

Anyway, enough of my bitching about color details. This gloss is pretty decent. Is it epically mind-blowing? Eh, nah. But it's still a great gloss. I love it because it's glossy without being too shiny, stays in place, and lasts for around 3 hours before I have to reapply. The texture is a little thicker and a little more sticky but not in a way that's uncomfortable. Also, I love the vanilla scent. It makes me think of those vanilla tootsie roll things.

Let me see that tootsie roll! (God, I hate that song)

On the downside, the taste is kind of blandly gross. Like vanilla chalk. You will also not like this gloss if you hate your lips feeling tingly and minty fresh. Personally, I like the sensation, but that's because my mom raised me on Carmex, and I've been a fan of lip stuff that tingles ever since.  But some people hate that, and if you do, don't get this lipgloss. Also, it's supposed to plump your lips. I already have full lips, and I'm pretty sure it hasn't made them noticeably bigger. Otherwise, I would have freaked out. Therefore, I'm calling gimmick on this one, but maybe other people's lips react to minty tingling more than mine I do.

Rated Beauty Grade: B

Price: $19

Where to Purchase: Sephora

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