Monday, March 19, 2012

Cosmetics Review: Smashbox Hyperlash Mascara

The ProductSmashbox Hyperlash Mascara

The Review: So, just to catch everyone up on where the hell I've been... I got a promotion at work, so I've actually been kept busy for once. I am so sick of spreadsheets. Oh my god. You have no idea. Anyway, today has been another godawful day full of spreadsheets and help desk tickets, but I figured I'd try to get another post out of myself, even though I'm tired and my brain feels like it's been put through a pasta machine.  Therefore, I won't mince words:

This mascara flakes. A lot. Like, I had mascara flakes/chunks on my cheeks after around an hour. Wtf? I thought mascara formulation had advanced past this. This isn't the 90's, Smashbox. Get with the effing program. I mean, if the mascara didn't flake so much, I would love it. It made my lashes all pretty, perfect and separated. Unfortunately, no one likes it when their lashes are dandruffing all over their cheeks. It's icky. And it sucks balls when you work as a receptionist, you're stuck having people stare at you all day, and you have no idea your mascara is shedding all over your face. And, of course, no one told me this was the case. Screw you, Smashbox! (JK. I love most of their products. Every brand has to have a dud, I guess...)

But in all seriousness, no mascara that flakes should come with a $21 price tag. That's the shiz I expect from the crappiest of all crappy drugstore mascaras, you know?

Rated Beauty Grade: C-

Price: $21

Where to Purchase: Sephora

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