Thursday, March 1, 2012

Cosmetics Review: Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint

The ProductJouer Luminizing Moisture Tint

The Review: This was one of the super fun thingers I got in my February Birchbox. Thus far, I really like it. It's hypoallergenic, oil free, fragrance free, and water resistant. I was especially grateful for the water resistant bit, because I got rained on during my walk into work this morning. Amazingly, my makeup survived, mostly unscathed.

There are a lot of tinted moisturizers on the market. What makes this product unique is that it's extremely light-weight and protects your skin with SPF 20 without making your face feel gross. I know that doesn't sound all that special, but considering you get that along with a tinted moisturizing formula with shimmer incorporated to even out your skintone, I think it's pretty nifty. Best of all, Jouer doesn't go with a one-shimmery-tint-fits-all philosophy. There are currently 6 shades to choose from, giving you more options that other brands.

The only thing that concerns me about this product is that in all the shades, the shimmer in the product is largely a warmer gold, so they may not work as well for someone with very cool/blue undertones. Just something to watch for. The little glitter particles are pretty tiny, so maybe it won't even matter. But all in all, I like it. It's not one of those absolutely must-have products for me right now because it's winter, and I want more coverage than it provides. However, it's awesome for no-makeup days, and I think it might be indispensable for me in the spring and summer when I want to be all fresh-faced and glowing (code for "I don't want to look like I just sweated all my makeup off").

Rated Beauty Grade: A-

Price: $38

Where to Purchase: Birchbox, Jouer, Amazon

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