Friday, February 3, 2012

Skincare Review: BeautyMint Resurfacing Treatment with Retinol

The Product: BeautyMint Resurfacing Treatment with Retinol

The Review: Basically, the product is a sort of cream-colored rich serum that you apply to your face at night (retinol makes your skin more susceptible to sun damage if you put it on during the day). This is the only part of the BeautyMint system that I genuinely liked, because it works. I have a  feeling that any improvement I saw in my skin during my month of BeautyMint was due to this product.

After the first week of using it, I noticed results. It faded my freckles and made the faint lines in my forehead a bit less noticeable. Also, it made my skin a little softer (my skin didn't feel as nice when I left it out of my regimen for a couple days). I'm pretty impressed with it. Plus, it smells kinda nice. BeautyMint claims all their products are unscented, but this one had a definite scent to it- sort of a light, floral, herbal smell that I thought was pleasant. It wasn't enough to aggravate my scent allergies, so I was totally cool with it. On the downside, it slightly stung my skin the first couple days I used it, but I no longer have any issues with it. I guess my skin adjusted?

Overall, this is the only product in the BeautyMint line I would buy. If I could customize my own system, I'd get this, the cleanser and maybe the Ultra Replenishing Serum. Sadly, they don't let you do that, so I won't be continuing on with their beauty regimen. I'll also have to find a retinol treatment that works as nicely. Yay, more fun things to try!

Rated Beauty Grade: A

Where to Purchase: BeautyMint


  1. This is a great product to use as a prevention, but I don't really know if beautymint can remove sun spots or acne scars.

    These were the problems I had to fight against a few months ago. I decided to search for the best toronto skin resurfacing treatment and that's how I found Fraxel. You'll never believe the power of this laser really did what I hoping it will and all this in less than two months. Just amazing:d

    1. Agreed. I think the Beautymint product is great for really minor issues like freckles and skintone-unevenness (I don't even think that's a word, but I'm still sleepy, so I'm leaving it). It's not advertised to work on the really difficult problems, like acne scarring, and it shouldn't be, because it wouldn't be able to deliver. I could see there being a little improvement, but nothing drastic. Which is why I'm glad laser treatments exist. :)