Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Product Updates

Much to my eternal chagrin, I have had to revise some of my original reviews. Here are the revisions:

L'Occitane's Shea Butter Hand CreamL'Occitane has done away with the amazing honey-almond scent and replaced it with a god-awful ylang-ylang, jasmine floral perfume. Both my roommate and I tried it and our consensus is that this once perfect hand cream now smells like old lady with a hint of diaper. And it's not subtle. If you have scent allergies, it will give you an insta-headache. This product used to be my idea of hand cream perfection. Why, L'Occitane?? WHYYYY??? I have now had to change the grade from an A+ to a B-. If you like the smell, it will be an A+ for you.

Make Up Forever's Aqua Eyes EyelinerThe last 2 pencils I purchased were not up to par. I never, ever had smearing issues when I first started buy this product, but with my last 2 pencils, I've had a hard time getting my liner to last all day. I changed nothing else in my routine, so I suspect a formula change. Also, there's something up with the manufacturing, because the liner has started to break easily. Really easily. They became really annoying to sharpen, and if you're going to spend almost $20 on an eyeliner, you don't want to be neurotic about sharpening it. I've had to downgrade it to a B instead of an A.

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