Friday, February 10, 2012

The Do's and Dont's of Monochromatic Eyemakeup

There is a right and wrong way to do monochromatic eye-makeup. You can go for the natural look and use a subtle, lighter eyeshadow that's close to your natural skintone (I prefer pale, shimmery, neutral golds) with mascara, preferably with a little eyeliner on the upper lid thrown in:

Angelina Jolie looks so lovely here. I miss the old days. When she didn't look like a bobble-head.
You can highlight your eyes with a single color, just on the lid, being careful to blend properly: 

Frieda Pinto's makeup artist knows how to work that blue eyeshadow. 
Or you can get all dramatic with a single bold color:
Rihanna always has fun makeup looks. 
But you know what's more fun than looking at celebrities with great makeup? Looking at celebrities with really horrible makeup. I now present to you celebrity examples that will teach you exactly how not to do the monochromatic eyeshadow look:

Alecia Keys, with pink eyeshadow
 all the way to her eyebrows. 
Alecia is so beautiful, that she almost makes this work. Almost. However, the color is too opaque and inexpertly applied, so it's reminiscent of a junior high schooler experimenting with her sister's makeup stash. I'm pretty sure the only time you can get away with using a single color to your eyebrows is if it's a sheer highlighting color or a neutral base color. Or if it's black and you're trying to look like a panda. Speaking of pandas:
Taylor Momsen: Panda or raccoon? 
Edgy, dark rock makeup is hot. So hot. But this? Every time I see this girl, I can't take her seriously, because she looks like she got her makeup inspiration from a panda documentary. Smearing black eyeshadow half an inch below your eyes is never a good idea.

Scarlett Johansson with an awful teal eyeshadow job. 
I normally love Scarlett Johnasson. She used to look flawless pretty much all the time. Awesome styling, great makeup... And then she got divorced and dated Sean Penn, which somehow killed her hotness mojo. Scarlett. Stop fighting the hot. STOP IT. And please, never combine that awful teal eyeshadow with pink lipstick again. Attempting a toned-down Mimi look is not sexy.  

Leanne Rimes like her eyes to match her dress... 
Silver eyeshadow blended with other colors looks awesome. Silver eyeshadow on its own looks juvenile. Especially when paired with bright lipstick. Eesh.  I used to wear my makeup like this in Jr. High. Not gonna lie. So glad I grew out of that awful phase. Sadly, some people never do...

And last but not least:
Lindsay Lohan looks like this now...
Holy mother of god. This girl. I want to attack her, dye her hair a more flattering color and remove every single effing bronze eyeshadow and bronzer from her makeup arsenal, (and undo all the cosmetic work she's done to destroy her face). Biatch needs bronzer rehab. Google her. You'll see what I mean.

 In this pic, her whole makeup job is horrid, but the eyeshadow is the worst. Here, she's used a coppery color on her upper lid and then used the same shadow to line her lower lashline. While bronze/copper does make blue eyes pop, this shade looks abysmal with her skintone and makes her look like death. She's only 25. Isn't that kind of mindboggling? Especially when she used to look like this:

Back when Lindsay looked human. 

Aaaaah... fun times. And with this parting image, I will leave you to get happy hour drinks. Because it's Friday, and it's time to get that weekend started.

Our poster child of sobriety lures you with her sexyface. Awww, yeah. 

Disclaimer: Most likely, the pictures I chose have people with more than one eyeshadow on, but I've tried all the do's on myself, and it's totally doable to achieve all those looks with one color. 

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