Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cosmetics Review: Smashbox Lip Enhancing Gloss

The Review: This lip gloss wonderful. I can't believe I've gone so long without it. Currently, I have it in Illume, which is a sheer, light, slightly shimmery beige with a hint of pink. I love how it feels, how it wears, how it looks.  Most glosses tend to be either long-wearing and goopy/sticky or pleasant-feeling with no staying power. This gloss feels awesome on and lasts for a surprising amount of time. It's a lot like Jouer's gloss in that respect but slightly cheaper with a more exciting array of colors. 

In my opinion, this is a high-quality gloss. The texture is a little different from most glosses. Instead of being sticky, it's almost oily-feeling. Sounds unpleasant, but it's not. Or at least, I didn't think it was; I prefer a texture like that over heavy, goopy glosses. In addition, it has a very pleasant, faint vanilla scent and no flavor. Best of all, it's very moisturizing and won't dry out your lips. Totally worth the money. 

Just a side note: I've only tried the sheer. This gloss also comes in a full-color version that some reviewers on Sephora complain about, due to the smell. I haven't stuck my nose into it yet, so I have no idea. I'll sniff it the next time I'm make-up shopping and will let y'all know.  

Rated Beauty Grade: A

Price: $18

Where to Purchase: Sephora

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