Thursday, January 19, 2012

Skincare Review: BeautyMint Renewing Moisturizer with Elastin

The Product: BeautyMint Renewing Moisturizer with Elastin

The Review: Here is what BeautyMint claims this product does, straight from their website:

Our body’s elastin keeps skin supple and vibrant, but time can diminish it. This lightweight, elastin-rich cream contains anti-aging ingredients delivered to skin with our patented technology designed to maximize benefits.

  • Jojoba esters and Hawaiian macadamia nut oil hydrate
  • Vitamins C and E are known to function as extraordinary antioxidants
  • Light-diffusing properties help promote a luminous glow

Here is what it actually does: NOTHING. This is hands down the lamest moisturizer I have ever used. It makes your face feel slightly more moisturized for around 10 minutes. Then, nothing. It's like you didn't even use a moisturizer. The Ultra Replenishing Serum did more to moisturize my face than this crap did. I mean, this stuff is absolutely useless. I even tried rubbing some on my hands to see if I was just being nitpicky bitch, but nope! It sucked even as a hand moisturizer. And this is supposed to be the more moisturizing of the face lotions BeautyMint offers. I don't even want to know what the Strengthening Hydrator is like... UGH. 

I'll start ranting from the beginning. When I got the set, I was astounded at how freaking TINY the moisturizer was. I think the tube is .5oz, which is not much, considering that it's not one of those face lotions where a little goes a long way. No, this product is very weak and sort of thin-looking for a moisturizer, and you need a decent amount for your face and neck. And it doesn't do anything! I tried doing the BeautyMint regimen, using the lotion on only one half of my face, and I saw no difference on the lotioned side. 

Last but not least, I have to laugh at the "light diffusing properties" part. I've used "light diffusing" moisturizers before. They leave a subtle sheen on your skin. This moisturizer goes on clear and leaves nothing. Well, maybe they got confused and thought that moist skin = a luminous glow? All in all, this is the worst product of the set, and I can't imagine having to use it every month.

Rated Beauty Grade: D

Where to Purchase: BeautyMint

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