Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Review: Covergirl Lashblast Length Water Resistant Mascara

The ProductCovergirl Lashblast Length Water Resistant Mascara

The Review: Ugh. I regret buying this mascara. I like the LashBlast Volume mascara quite a bit, but they were out of the black I wanted, so I got this stuff instead. I'm not impressed. I mean, it makes your lashes longer, but it clumps way more than any of the other Covergirl mascaras I've tried. Also, the formula is dull and matte. Now, I'm not saying I want shiny lashes, but matte mascara is just not as flattering, and to make it all worse, this isn't even a waterproof mascara. It's supposed to be water resistant, but I've worn regular mascaras that held up better in the snow and didn't cover the tops of my cheeks in little mascara chunks/flakes.

The only good thing about this mascara? The brush is great. So great! It's one of those silicone ones that I love so much and the bristles really are spaced perfectly for lengthening your lashes. Sadly, it's wasted on a crappy, crappy mascara formula. If you're looking for a cheap mascara, don't buy this stuff. Get the LashBlast Volume (good everyday wear) or VolumeExact (better for dramatic looks) mascaras instead.

Rated Beauty Grade: C-

Price: $7.19 (at Amazon)

Where to buy: Target, AmazonDrugstore.com, etc. 

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