Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Review: Amika Obliphica Hair Treatment

The Product: Amika Obliphica Hair Treatment

The Review: This is another product that came in my Birchbox this month, and it's another winner. I absolutely love this hair treatment. In order for my hair to have any semblance of order or volume, I have to blowdry it. Otherwise, it air dries with random waves and curls all over the place. I suppose that sounds all sexy-messy on paper, but in reality, it looks pretty bad. Limp with random wavy curls and cowlicks does not for sexy hair make, so it gets blowdried, and I always take time to put in a ton of product to prevent my hair from getting fried. Heat protection products can be really hit or miss, in my experience. Sometimes, they protect your hair from heat styling, but damage it in other ways. Sometimes, they make your hair look dull in lifeless. And once in a while, you can find a product that does exactly what it claims.

Amika Obliphica Hair Treatment is one of these coveted products, because it follows through on its product description and gives you soft, shiny hair with no residue to speak of while protecting your hair from heat styling. Every time I've used it (4 times now), my hair has looked gorgeous, with or without my other hair products. And it's so easy to use! You just use a couple drops, rub your palms together, smooth it through your damp hair and finish with a quick comb-through for even product distribution. Then, attack your hair with your dryer and enjoy the results. Don't blowdry your hair? You can also use the oil on dry hair to add shine, keep your hair healthy, and reduce frizziness. I've noticed my hair is infinitely less staticky on days that I use it, which is impressive, especially considering that I live in MN and after November, you can hardly touch anything with being slightly electrocuted.

It's a little weird, but my favorite thing about this product isn't even the results I get from it. It's the smell. Oh my god. It smells so good! It has an exotic, floral scent that isn't too cloying or heavy. Most florals tend to be really heavy on the jasmine and ylang-ylang and wind up reminding me of diapers, but this scent is, in my opinion, perfect. I want to use this oil as an entire-body-moisturizer, take a bath in it, spray it all over my apartment, put some on my cats, it's that good.

I know it seems a little pricey, but keep in mind that you only a tiny, tiny amount. I have lots of long hair that's prone to dryness, and considering my little sample bottle isn't even half-way gone, I'm pretty sure the 3.38oz full-size bottle would last me 3 or more months. Well, maybe less than that if I decide to make my kitties smell like pretty, pretty princesses...

Rated Beauty Grade: A

Price: $34.00

Where to Buy: Birchbox, Amazon

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