Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Nightly Skincare Routine

This is how I don't wash my face. 
Skincare in general is something I find really interesting, because everyone has a different routine. I was watching Kandee Johnson's and found myself cringing at the idea of doing some of the stuff she does. A scrub? To get rid of eye makeup? OH GOD THE HORROR. But it works for her, and I'm sure some of the stuff I do to my face would freak some people out as well, so I figured I'd share. Just for funsies.

Step 1: First, I remove my eye-makeup with a bi-layer makeup remover (like Lancome's Bi-Facil) formulated for the more hardcore waterproof mascaras. But I don't put it on a cotton ball. Noooo, I put it on a damp washcloth, hold it against my closed eye for a couple seconds, and then slowly wipe all the mascara away. I think I got into this habit in college during a cottonball famine in my dormroom, and it's stuck ever since. Plus, it works better for me, because removing mascara with a cotton ball takes a lot longer in my opinion. And I HATE getting cotton fuzzies on my eyelashes. 

Step 2: After I get all the eye makeup off, the face washing commences. I rinse out my washcloth and use it to wet my face. Then, I rub whatever facial cleanser I'm using at the time all over my cheeks, nose, etc. A couple times a week, I add a combination of sugar and baking soda into the mix for a cheap, gentle exfoliation treatment. All normal boring stuff, except that I use a washcloth to rinse everything off with very warm water, because I don't like immersing my face. Never have, probably never will. Thus far, I have experienced no negative effects and like to think that it gives my skin some extra exfoliation. 

Step 3: When my face is all clean and shiny, I apply toner before my face is dry. And I apply it by rubbing a couple drops between my hands and smoothing it over my whole face. Again with the cottonball aversion. Before the toner is dry, I usually apply an anti-aging serum, following it with a heavy-duty moisturizer. Someone told me to do that some time last year, saying that applying all the additional stuff while your skin is still damp helps it absorb much better. I've done it ever since, and it works wonders, leaving my skin insanely soft and hydrated. So, Ima keep doing that. 

Step 4: After the moisturizer, etc. has absorbed, I usually put a thin, barely there layer of cocoa butter vaseline all over my face. However, I think I'll switch to the Alba un-petroleum Kandee uses in her video, because I would like to find something that works like Vaseline but isn't made of chemicals. 

Step 5: Before I go to bed, I always slather on a super moisturizing, thick lipbalm or lip treatment

And that's my nightly facial care routine. Thus far, I think it's working really well for me, because I'm a couple weeks away from becoming a quarter of a century old and my face isn't yet showing any signs of wear or tear. What facial care routine works best for you guys? I'm curious! Also, here's Kandee's video. She has awesome skin (which, with her job, she really should).

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