Monday, December 19, 2011

Birchbox Review

Kind of funny, but I discovered Birchbox through the little adsense ads on my blog. Google actually got it right that time! Anyway, it's a wonderful site that offers high-quality products from brands like Jurlique, StilaKiehl's. The selection isn't as huge as many of the other cosmetic sites out there, but all the products are top-notch; Birchbox seems to be very picky about which vendors they choose to work with and only offers products that have been thoroughly vetted by their employees. What makes this site even more awesome is that they make it very affordable and convenient to vet the products yourself before committing to buying the full-size through their Birchbox subscription, a program that sends you a selection of 4-5 deluxe samples a month.

The Birchbox subscription works like a magazine: they are set to be mailed on a set date each month. In this case, Birchboxes are shipped on the 10th. Signup is really easy, and you can choose how you want to subscribe- Full year, 3 month, or monthly. You even have the option to gift a subscription to a friend. I chose the monthly subscription (but as soon as I have a spare $110, I am upgrading to yearly), so for $10 a month, I am provided with 4-5 samples from their monthly sample selection on their site. Yep, you can preview your potential Birchbox before you commit, and when you sign up and fill out a questionnaire about your beauty preferences, they choose your Birchbox samples based on your replies.

I got my first Birchbox last week. And I LOVED it. The packaging is so adorable! It was shipped in a fuchsia box, which I thought was a nice touch, and the Birchbox looks almost exactly like the picture above, except I got white tissue paper instead of pink. One of the products (or was it the product description card? I can't remember) was wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a silver ribbon. I mean, how cute is that? And the products I received were wonderful. I got a travel-sized Ahava Mineral Body Lotion, a mini Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Birchbox Pink, a vial of Amika Obliphica Hair Treatment, 2 hands worth of the Incoco® Nail Polish Appliqué, a couple strips of Showstoppers® Designer Fashion Tape in Nude, and a sample packet of EBOOST Orange Natural Energy Booster, all of which will be getting their own reviews on here. All of that for just $10, which fits even my insanely-restricted budget.

I don't make much at my current job and am on a canned-beans and ramen for every meal kind of budget (don't feel too sorry for me. I could find a better job, but I love my boss so much, that I stay in spite of the poverty factor). Therefore, I rarely spend any money on myself, especially around Christmas. But I wound up having some money left in my Christmas fund after buying everyone else presents and figured getting a Birchbox subscription was more than justifiable and too cheap to turn down. More products to try for the blog that doesn't involve sales pitches from commissioned make-up girls/boys! Hooray! And it turned out being hands down the best purchase I've made for myself in ages for the least amount of money. For frugal girls who still like little tastes of luxury, this is for you! And everyone else who likes beauty products, of course.

One more thing before I go: Birchbox has a point system similar to Sephora where you get a point for every dollar spend. For every hundred points, you get $10 to spend on products. If you're a Birchbox subscriber, you get 50 points/$5 for every person you refer who purchases a Birchbox. YAY! Free product!

And enough of my gushing. If you're interested in signing up for your own customized Birchbox or just checking them out, you can do so here.


  1. So I FINALLY have enough disposable income that I could afford this... and they're all sold out with a waiting list! Laaaaaame.

    1. Nooooo!!!! I mean, I guess it's great that they're getting lots of business, but we make-up addicts need our fixes. :) Hopefully, it's worth the wait, and you love it as much as I do.