Friday, November 18, 2011

Skincare Review: Vaseline Cocoa Butter Pertroleum Jelly

The Product: Vaseline Cocoa Butter Pertroleum Jelly

The Review: Since the last post was full of god-awfully pricey products, here's something that's cheaper than the average fancy mocha: Vaseline with cocoa butter. Now, I'm not a huge fan of normal Vaseline and don't understand the cult following. I think it has its uses, and I regularly use it on my feet in the summer so that I don't burn through my nicer foot products too quickly, but I hate the plasticky, gross smell and the greasy texture. But this stuff... this stuff is awesome.

Gone is the sticky, greasy texture. Gone is the terrible odor. Instead, ordinary petroleum jelly has been transformed into a rich, creamy gel-like moisturizer that melts into your skin and smells like slightly chocolatey vanilla. Just the smell alone makes me want to slather it everywhere, and I find it much more effective at moisturizing than ordinary vaseline, because it actually absorbs into your skin, rather than sitting on top of it and forming an impenetrable grease layer. Who would have thought that a little cocoa butter would completely morph normal, crappy petroleum jelly into something that feels so luxurious?

And the best part? It's so cheap. I got mine on sale for $2. It's usually $3.99. Since it's Vaseline, a little goes a looooong way. This stuff will last me months, even if I use it every day, which I plan to.

Rated Beauty Grade: A-

Where to Purchase: Local Drugstore

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