Monday, November 21, 2011

Cosmetics Review: Make Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer

The ProductMake Up For Ever HD Microperfecting Primer

The Review: I'm very picky with primers, because I don't like the slippery, silicone feel that most of them give my skin. The best primer I ever found was from Sensaria. It made my face insanely soft, kept my skin hydrated, and kept my makeup in place. Then, the company went under, and I've been trying to find a replacement ever since. I tried a super nice one from Korres, which I will eventually review, but since I recently reviewed the concealer from the same line, I'd much rather review this stuff instead.

Anyway, back to reviewing. There are quite a few things I love about this primer. For starters, it doesn't have that gross, slippery-dry texture when on the skin like, oh, Lancome's primer (which is, for the record, a good product, albeit pricey). Instead, it goes on like a serum and locks in the moisture from your moisturizer, leaving your face soft, like you just applied a light face cream. However, like a lotion, you need to wait for it to dry all the way before applying your makeup. Performance-wise, I didn't notice any pilling or oddness when combined with my foundation, concealer, or eyeshadow primer (Yes, I used eyeshadow primer on top of this primer. Because I like to overdo things for the sake of science). Everything else went on smoothly as well, and, when I checked 8 hours later, all my makeup still looked great. Yay!

In addition to working decently and making my skin feel nice, it also comes in a variety of shades for skin tone correction. Have rosacea? There's a redness-cancelling green version. Is your skin too yellow? There's a mauve primer for that. Want to brighten your complexion? There's a color for light, medium and dark skintones as well. But I haven't tried any of them, since I decided to start out with the clear version. I am, however, quite intrigued by all the pretty colors, so let me know if you've tried any of them.

Rated Beauty Grade: A-

Price: $32

Where to Purchase: Sephora


  1. I tried a sample of this Make Up For Ever primer and I thought it was ok. I still prefer my pretty over-priced but awesome make-up primer: Hourglass Veil Primer. It lasts a really really long time and it kinda makes my make-up water resistant, I swear! They use to only have the $52 bottle but now there's the more affordable, trial size $17 size.

    -Chee, The Shoe Doctor, PhD blog

  2. I might have to test that one out. I feel like I tried that one at one point and wasn't impressed, but it was a couple years ago and I should revisit it. Plus, I could totally be thinking of the wrong one. Ha. My memory is lame. However, I think everyone is different and it just depends on what you need for your skin. Most mattifying products make my skin feel papery and gross, probably because I have combo/super dry skin. Blergh.

  3. I'll bring some next time I see you and you can test it out! I will be back in MN Dec 23rd, hopefully we can bloggeth together?