Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sole Society Rave

I'm going to take a break from random cosmetic products for a bit to rave about the customer service at Sole Society. I work in customer service. It's often a thankless, shitty job and most of the kindnesses you do for people go either unnoticed or unrewarded, potentially turning you into a cynical bitch with no hope in humanity. If you work in retail, you often get verbally abused or are requested to do unreasonable things by your customers and have to take it with a smile. Yesterday, I was at the mall with my roommate, and we were chatting with a really bored employee in one of the stores who once was required to refund a guy trying to return dirty underwear. EW. As for me, I've been yelled at, threatened, and had one lady throw shoes at me when I worked at Macy's. When you do customer service work over the phone or email, you often deal with unbearably stupid and impatient people and have to maintain a polite tone of voice/phrasing at all times. It's... character building. So when a company has consistently amazing customer service, I'm always super appreciative.

Have you heard of Sole Society? If you haven't, it's a free members-only shoe service that provides it's members with gorgeous shoes at $49.95 per pair. It's a lot like Shoe Dazzle or JustFab, but with much higher quality shoes (lots of them have real leather!) and no annoying Kardashians. You can actually find a lot of the Sole Society shoes in stores under the Jessica Simpson, BCBG and Kenzie Girl brands, because apparently, they're all made by the same manufacturer. The difference is that instead of shelling out anywhere from $60-100 for a pair of BCBG heels, you can get them at Sole Society for $50. So awesome.

They also have the most amazing customer service. Around a week and a half ago, I returned a pair of gold Brittania flats because the left was a lot smaller than the right. Shoe defects happen all the time in most brands, so I didn't think much of it. I just figured I'd wait patiently for the order to be credited back to my account, so I could exchange them for a different pair. Much to my surprise, they not only credited my account the full amount, but they also gave me a coupon for a second free pair of shoes. How amazing is that?? Now I'm stuck debating if I want to get 2 pairs this month or wait til the November styles come out. Seriously, they made my day. Even if the shoes weren't as great as they are, the customer service alone is reason enough to me to be a Sole Society member, because they clearly value their customers and want to keep them happy. Every time I've had to deal with their customer service reps, they've always been so sweet, helpful and nice to work with. I hope they stay that way.

If you're interested in becoming a member and want to see your options, check out my friend Chee's blog,  Shoe Doctor, PhD. She has comprehensive lists of all the Sole Society shoes, finds really great deals on gorgeous shoes from other designers, and holds regular contests for free pairs of heels. 

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