Monday, September 19, 2011

Skincare Review: Sei Bella Necessities Skin Care Set

The Products: Sei Bella Hydrating Facial Cleanser, Hydrating Toner, and Daytime Delivery Creme

The Review: I am a thrifty ho when it comes to products. If I can find a cheap/cheaper product that works as well or almost as well as the really expensive brands I love, I will change teams for the cheaper one in a heartbeat. My brand loyalty is fickle. Kind of like my sports loyalty. For example, I only like the Vikings when they're winning. Otherwise, I think they can suck it, because man, do they suck 90% of the time. People think I should feel guilty for my fair-weather fan status, but I think a sports team should earn my loyalty by consistently kicking ass. Just as my make-up products should earn my loyalty by consistently being better than their competitors.

Anyway, I've spent my whole life trying to find the perfect facial skincare routine. I've tried who knows how many cleansers, toners, and lotions. Some dirt cheap. Some really overpriced. Still haven't found the perfect set that floats my boat. However, this set comes really close to winning my long-term affection, because it balances my combination skin and makes it insanely soft, which is awesome considering my t-zone is pretty damn oily and the rest of my face is pretty damn dry. I think the key is using the products as a set, because when I tried mixing and matching them with other products, I didn't achieve the same result. Therefore, I'm going to review them all in one post.

-The Cleanser: The first time I used it, this stuff did not impress me. I thought it went on too thin and was kind of wimpy. I think I must have had too much excess water on my face or hands though, because every time I've used it since, it's been fine. It doesn't lather up too much, which I prefer, because I don't enjoy looking like I just dipped my face in bubble bath suds. It also does its job well by getting rid of all my makeup (excluding the eye makeup, which I remove separately due to my love of waterproof mascara and eyeliner) without drying out my skin, and it's not too heavily scented.

-The Toner: This is more perfumed than the cleanser, but not to the point where I find it annoying. Basically, it feels like any other toner- watery. However, it doesn't sting or irritate like some others I've tried, so this toner and I get along.

-The Moisturizer: I love the consistency of this stuff. It's thick and rich, but not too the point where it's too much, and it absorbs nicely without being greasy. Also, it leaves my skin really, really soft and moisturized all day long without irritating my skin or clogging my pores. It is, hands down, one of the nicest moisturizers I've tried, if a little overscented for my tastes.

All in all, I love how my face feels after using this set. I find myself petting my face on a regular basis, because I can't believe how soft it is. It would have my loyalty forever if it did not have one flaw- all the products have the same scent in increasing concentrations, and when you use all of them together, your face smells like fruity-floral extravaganza. And not in a subtle way. Now, plenty of face products have strong odors, but their scents fade pretty quickly. Sei Bella's lasts all fricken day long. If I apply it before I go to bed, I can smell it the next morning, it's that strong. I don't believe a face lotion should have a smell strong enough to clash with your perfume, so it loses points from me for that. But please keep in mind that I have a very sensitive nose, so it will most likely not bother you half as much as it bothers me.

Rated Beauty Grade: A-

Cost: Hydrating Cleanser- $17.50 for Melaleuca members, $28.50 for non-members
         Hydrating Toner- $15.50 for Melaleuca members, $26 for non-members
         Daytime Delivery Creme- $22.50 for Melaleuca members, $37.50 for non-members
         Necessities Skin Care Set- $45 for Melaleuca members, $75 for non-members

Where to Purchase: Melaleuca (if you're interested in becoming a member or have questions, feel free to send me an email)


  1. it is the only cream I have used that does not sting my face at all and no I do not get that kind of smell all day or all night at all. It disappears after ten mins and I like the smell anyway.

  2. it is the only cream I have used that does not sting my face at all and no I do not get that kind of smell all day or all night at all. It disappears after ten mins and I like the smell anyway.

  3. Hey! I'm new to these products and absolutely love your review of the skin care're a girl after my own heart. I also am switching teams. After trying all the high end stuff and paying $85 just for a small jar of night cream - enough already! Thanks for your info - it's very helpful!

  4. THanks or this review. Are you still using the products? I love all the Sei Bella items I've tried so far.