Thursday, September 15, 2011

Random Beauty Tips/Tricks

I'm waiting for my laundry to get done and am beyond bored, so I figured I'd write another post before I go to bed. Here are some random beauty tips/tricks I've learned during the last couple years.

1) Save money on exfoliating products, and save yourself a step in your morning/night beauty routine by mixing a combination of baking soda and sugar into your face wash. It's gentle and as well as any exfoliating treatment I've tried.

2) Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter Moisturizing Conditioner works great as a shaving cream for razor bump-prone, sensitive areas and doesn't clog your razor like other conditioners I've tried. I'm sure there are conditioners out there that are just as good, but this is the first insanely cheap one I've found that prevents razor bumps on the bikini line, so I'll stick with it.

3) Don't have any aloe? Rub olive oil into your sunburn. I tested it out this summer when I got slightly burned on my shoulders and chest. Not only did it moisturize the hell out of it, but it also turned the burn into a nice tan and I never peeled.

4) Scrubbing your lips with a wet wash cloth and applying lip balm right after works way better than any treatment I've tried when it comes to exfoliating them.

5) Using a darker bronzer/concealer, etc. in the hollows of your cheeks to contour them before applying foundation instantly makes your face look thinner. I got the idea from this video on how to copy Kim Kardashian's look.