Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Cosmetics Review: Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes Eyeliner

The ProductMake Up Forever's Aqua Eyes Eyeliner

The Review: I figured I would start this blog out with a product I love. Really love. Like, if this eyeliner were a hot man, I would tap that. And then marry it. Ok, maybe not that extreme... Now, I know everyone is very particular about what they look for in their eyeliner.  For me, the perfect eyeliner can survive a night of drunken insanity and still be on in the morning (and by on, I mean on my eyelids where I put it, not making me look like raccoon roadkill), it must go on easily, and it must be easy to smudge. I can't stand eyeliners that are needy- I don't like it when they take effort to apply, when they flake all over when I try to smudge them, when they don't stay put for a day at work. 

Before I met this eyeliner, I was a liquid liner addict. I rarely went a day without a precise cat's eye, because I hated normal eyeliners so much. Now, I only wear liquid eyeliner once in a long while, because Make Up Forever's Aqua Eyes Eyeliner has taken over my eyelids. I only use the Mat Black, which is the darkest black they have. It's highly pigmented, goes on so smoothly I barely have to smudge it with my MAC Small Angle Brush to get a great cat's eye, and it survives a night of partying like a champ. Plus, it gives me a great smokey-eye effect that I don't get with liquid eyeliner and comes in a ton of really fun colors.

UPDATE: The last 2 pencils I purchased were not up to par. I never, ever had smearing issues when I first started buy this product, but with my last 2 pencils, I've had a hard time getting my liner to last all day. I changed nothing else in my routine, so I suspect a formula change. Also, there's something up with the manufacturing, because the liner has started to break easily. Really easily. They became really annoying to sharpen, and if you're going to spend almost $20 on an eyeliner, you don't want to be neurotic about sharpening it. 

Rated Beauty Grade: B, Formerly A
Price: $18
Where to Buy: Sephora

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