Thursday, September 22, 2011

Facebook Page! EEE!

Rated Beauty now has its own Facebook page! So, if you read this shiz and you like the wordage that graces your eyeballs, go and make your like Facebook official. Because that would be awesome. Plus, when I get a sufficient number of fans, I'll start holding giveaways for free beauty products.

Also, my friend Travis of Chantar Photography, made me this for the FB page: 

He's amazing. He also takes incredibly beautiful pictures, which you can see on his website or his blog. Personally, I like to peruse his Flickr account, because he tends to post really adorable engagement shoots. I LOVE engagement shoots. And wedding pictures. I think it's one of those weird things that genetically typed out into girl DNA... But seriously. How ridiculously cute is this picture?

Or this one?

Or how about the engagement ring in a snow cone??

 Anyway, long story short, he's phenomenal and always does a wonderful job.

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