Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cosmetics Review: NARS Blush in Orgasm

 The ProductNARS Blush in Orgasm

The Review: This is a product I was fully prepared to hate. It's been ranted and raved about for so long, that I was sure it was overhyped and not worth the cash. Every time I saw it in stores, I couldn't bring myself to try it out because it looked so... pink. And shimmery. It reminded me of those shitty blushes you get in Jr. High that make your cheeks super shiny and make you look like a dork. And when I tested it out on my hand, I thought it didn't match well with my skin tone. Therefore, I was absolutely sure I would hate it.

Last week, I finally caved and tried it out. For the sake of the blog. I mean, it wouldn't be a proper product review blog if I didn't review one of the most popular makeup products of all time, right? Anyway, I put it on... and I loved it. I hate to admit it, but I can't even think of anything negative to say about it. The powder itself is incredibly fine and highly pigmented, so you don't need much on your brush. It went on smoothly and complemented my skin tone perfectly without making me look too pink or too shiny. It blended into my foundation with almost no effort and looked very natural while lighting up my face. I really couldn't get over how subtle and pretty it all was.

After trying it out, I can honestly say its one of the few products that lives up to the incessant praise bestowed upon it. While the color doesn't look like something that would be all that wearable in the compact, it really is one of those rare colors that has the potential to look amazing on everyone. I completely fell in love with it. However, you won't be in love with it if you prefer your blush to be more dramatic or matte. It's too sheer and faintly shimmery for that. It is, however, perfect for looks in which you want a subtle flush with a glow that brightens your whole face.  And yes, I'm sure you can find a similar blush that's cheaper. But can you find a blush identical to it with the same luxurious feel in a perfect glowy peach that looks amazing on everyone and lasts all day long? One that looks amazing for both day and night looks? If you can, let me know.

Rated Beauty Grade: A

Cost: $27

Where to PurchaseSephora, anywhere with a NARS counter

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