Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Cosmetics Review: Lancome's Ôscillation Powerfoundation

The ProductLancome's Ôscillation Powerfoundation

The Review:  This stuff is so gimmicky, it kills me. I'm currently using up a batch of their Ageless Minerale powder foundation, and I swear it has to be the same thing that's in the Ôscillation Powerfoundation, because I have used both in the same color on the same cheek and couldn't see any difference. As a product, it's fine. It's got a decent texture and provides decent coverage, but is it going to blow your mind? Eh... probably not. It also claims that it will improve your skin, but I've been using the Ageless Minerale stuff for a couple months and haven't seen any change. I will warn you that if you have larger pores, it may make them a bit more noticeable. Also, if I don't wear primer, the powder sinks into the creases under my eyes and makes my barely-there wrinkles look waaaay worse than they are. So, if you are pore or wrinkle conscious, this will most likely not be the foundation for you. But if you have little mini-pores, like I do, it works just fine.

As for the packaging and applicator, I am not a fan. You're paying extra money just for the novelty of feeling a little vibrating sponge on your face. A sponge that you can't wash, which makes this product just great for people prone to breakouts. A sponge that, according to plenty of reviews on Sephora, wears out well before you're out of product. A sponge that takes considerably longer to apply your product than a brush. A sponge that, when I did half-and-half testing on my face using the non-vibrating version, actually provided less coverage than the brush did.  Basically, I am extremely underwhelmed and think it's a waste of money. I'll stick to my brushes, thanks.

Rated Beauty Rating: C (although I'd give the actual foundation a B)

Price: $48

Where to Buy: Anywhere with a Lancome counter. 

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