Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cosmetics Review: C.O. Bigelow's My Favorite Night Balm

ProductC.O. Bigelow's My Favorite Night Balm

The Review: I was originally going to review some more face care stuff so I could get more labels up for you guys. Then, my awesome friend, Chee (from The Shoe Doctor, PhD), mentioned that she puts lip balm on before bed, which I do every single night. This inspired me to review this handy-dandy little product. And I literally mean little; the size of the picture is pretty damn close to the size of the real thing. Anyway, I am a HUGE fan of almost all the lipglosses I find at Bath and Beauty works, and my favorites are the ones from C.O. Bigelow, so when I saw this balm, I knew I had to try it.

Basically, it's a really rich lip balm. I was a little surprised by the texture, which was a little thinner than I was expecting but really heavy at the same time. If that doesn't make sense to you, that's ok.The texture and feel of this balm doesn't really make sense to me either, but it's definitely smooth, silky, moisturizing, and has enough staying power to last until the morning. That in itself, I find impressive. Will it cure all your dry lip woes? Eh... not really. It works the way most lotions do, meaning it makes the skin on your lips soft for a while, but the effect wears off and the dryness returns. However, it does work better than using a lip balm or vaseline on your lips before bed.

Last night, I put on my cocoa butter lip balm before bed, layered this stuff on top of it, and woke up to some insanely soft lips. Holy balls. I'm doing that every night, and I highly suggest you try it out if you tend to be prone to dry lips, like I am.

Rated Beauty Grade: B+
Cost: $7.50
Where to Purchase: C.O. Bigelow Website, Bath and Body Works

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  1. next time I got to BBW, I will have to try this out! I normally just go with Burt's Bee before bed, else whatever is handy.

    The Shoe Doctor, PhD blog