Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cosmetics Review: Benefit's They're Real! Mascara

 The ProductBenefit's They're Real! Mascara

The Review: I tested this out at Sephora last Friday, and it was awesome! I might have to buy it and do before and after pics. It was that good. You see, when I worked at Macy's, I had a coworker who had incredibly long, insane lashes. They were gorgeous. I was envious. And this mascara made my lashes look as long as hers.

As I've said before, my eyelashes are extremely average. I need mascara and an eyelash curler to make them look noticeable. When I tried on this mascara, it actually curled my lashes on its own, no curler needed. This blew my mind a little, because I can't remember the last time I applied mascara and had it look awesome without having to curl my lashes beforehand. Also, the formulation wasn't clumpy. Well, for me, at least. There are plenty of reviewers on the Sephora website who have had issues with clumping, but I had no problems and was blown away by the awesomeness of my lashes. Then again, it might vary depending on the batch and application techniques, so if you're going to get this mascara, make sure you try it out beforehand or get it from somewhere that accepts used returns.

Just a couple other notes: Apparently, the packaging encourages you to load it on your lashes. I would suggest putting on just enough to coat your lashes, because this mascara makes your lashes look amazing at first but starts looking awful the more you try to layer. How would I know this with only one application? Because I watched this video:

This is the worst mascara demonstration ever. If I had seen this before I went shopping the other day, I never would have tried this stuff on. Sales FAIL. Forward to the 8:16 mark if you want to see some really horrendous tarantula lashes. Good lord.

Also, if you don't use waterproof makeup remover, it's apparently really hard to get off at night. I have to dock a couple points for that (I'm of the opinion that if it's not billed as waterproof, you shouldn't need a hardcore makeup remover to get it off), but overall, I had a great experience with it.

Rated Beauty Grade: B+

Cost: $22

Where to Purchase: Sephora, places with a Benefit counter


  1. oooh, I will have to try this! As my lashes are of the lower-middle class/slightly below average type. The problem is, I have so many mascara samples that everytime I think, "I need to buy mascara!" I consecutively think, "Wait! I have some free (and recently acquired) mascara. Just use that!"